Wear-resistant materials market

With the goal of wanting to provide a complete service regarding the market of bulk materials handling, Barra Project International Srl, by virtue of its long experience gained working with ITW DENSIT ApS and our current direct collaboration with WP Wear-Protection-Engineering GmbH, has specialized in the consulting and supply of wear-resistant protective coating materials such as for example, cast basalt, zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide ceramics and refractory products.

Our service, aimed at spreading the use of wear-resistant materials in the domestic market, is thus committed to:

  • disseminating and making detailed information available about the specific applications of materials and components in the wear-protection field;
  • providing specific advice regarding the selection of materials and components deemed to be the most appropriate solution to the individual application requirements;
  • providing products and components;
  • providing advice and technical assistance for the realization of wear-protection coatings for individual and specific field applications;
  • end customer support by providing, when necessary, technical assistance at the construction site during the implementation phase;
  • providing the necessary manuals for the management and use of the wear-protection products.

Areas of typical applications are:

  •  Hoppers for blast furnaces
  •  Chutes
  •  Impact plates
  •  Cyclone separators for dust collectors
  •  Pipelines for dust collectors
  •  Tanks for water-solids separation
  •  Distributors
  •  Domes
  •  Feeder chute manifolds
  •  Granulation tanks
  •  Rotors
  •  Granulation Systems
  •  Injection lines
  •  Manifold piping
  •  Hopper implements
  •  Hopper silos
  •  Pumps
  •  Separator plates
  •  Waste hoppers
  •  Loading buckets
  •  Sludge piping
  •  Valves
  •  Vibratory feeders

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