Keeping the conveyor belt clean will produce substantially better functioning: in fact this way you can prevent damage and breakage of the belt, the machines and surrounding equipment.

A clean working environment is safer and healthier

The research carried out by Barra Project International Srl has allowed for the creation of products with high technological content

  • proven geometry of the scraping elements (scrapers)
    • single blade
    • double blade
    • constant conformation to belt deviations without damaging it
    • constant pressure on the belt even after long operating periods: the design of the scraper allows it to maintain the shape of the blade, regardless of wear
  • plastic materials, resistant, elastic, self-lubricating, high abrasion resistance
  • wear resistant steel inserts


  • suitable for most applications
  • resistant to long periods of continuous operation
  • optimum levels of effectiveness and efficiency
  • easily adaptable to existing structures
  • ease of assembly
  • reduced dimensions
  • cost
  • optimization of spare parts inventory management (/RASKIA DOUBLE BLADE scrapers)
  • ability to adopt self-powered cleaners in order to ensure constant tensioning: particularly useful in areas where the cleaner results difficult to access by maintenance

Each cleaner supplied by us consists of: scraping elements, clamping plates, scraper holder axle, tensioning system.

Dust creation during material handling?
Combine /RASKIA together with our /ECOFOG plant for dust suppression!

Materials obstruct belt cleanres lines?
Get rid of it using our /STORM plant!

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