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An air cannon is the product of  a fire valve coupled with a compressed air storage tank.

The operation of the cannon is simple and effective: inside the cannon there is a compressed fluid, customarily air, at a maximum pressure of 10 bar; upon receiving the command to fire, the cannon instantly frees all or part of the volume stored in the tank, generating a blast wave that breaks and fluidifies agglomerated materials, helping the outflow from the storage facility.

Main phases of operation:

  • The storage tank, initially empty, is gradually filled with compressed air until the equilibrium pressure is reached, the pressure inside the tank equals the mains pressure;
  • The cannon remains in standby: the tank is full and therefore compressed air demand is null;
  • Upon receiving the start command, the valve connected to the tank instantly frees up the volume of air stored: this generates a blast wave which, combined with the high speed of the leaking air (velocity given to the pressure variation), crumbles the compacted material.

Types of cannon

  • Cannons equipped with a fire valve external to the tank: this solution allows the independent management of  both the tank and  the fire head (valve) in order to make the two components easily interchangeable according to your requirements
  • Cannons equipped with a fire valve internal to the tank: this solution allows to considerably reduce the overall dimensions of the cannon, in this case the tank is purposely created for the valve and constitutes  integral part of the fire valve

The firing command

A cannon can be activated thanks to a machineside command or at distance, this second solution is achieved through the adoption of the /CRONO start valve. It is also possible to combine the /CRONO start device with the /KYOTO partializing device, so to enable the control of the output power of  discharge from the cannon in order to avoid  unnecessary wastes of energy.

Macro-families of air cannons

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