Partializing fire valves
Rugged, compact, efficient and highly reliable
Ease of operation
Fast and easy maintenance
Remote operation

The fire valve is equipped with a FOM diaphragm obturator made of elastomer.
Modular structure.

The KYOTOFOM valves include both the CRONO start device for remote (max 9 metres) operation without suffering load losses and the KYOTO partializing device which allows not only to contain energy consumption, but also to adjust the effective output force of the discharge (from 0 to 8 bar with Pmax=10 bar).

Technical Specifications

Pmax = 10bar

Areas of application
ZF  (-10°C, +60°C)  cold zones, up to room temperature
ZC (-10°C, +100°C) hot zone (ZC area limitations requires a feasibility assessment)

The KYOTOFOM valves are divided into two main models as a function of the shape of the valve's body:

Model in which the discharge of the cannon is placed at a 90 ° with respect to coupling with the intake supply
Model in which the discharge of the cannon is in axis with the intake supply; This model was created specifically to be easily integrated into /PPI Pick-Power-Impulser systems

N.B. For remote operation further than 9 metres use the LOGOS multi-function valve
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