Compact and rugged valves
High reliability
Ease of maintenance
Remote operation
Partializing fire valves

The fire valve is equipped with a metal alloy obturator.
Modular structure.

The KYOTOTECH valves include both the CRONO start device for remote (max 9 metres) operation without suffering load losses and the KYOTO partializing device, which allows not only to contain energy consumption, but also to adjust the effective output force of the discharge (from 0 to 8 bar with Pmax=10 bar).
The simplicity of the internal structure greatly facilitates maintenance tasks because, upon unbolting the inlet section of start valve, you can pull the obturator assembly together as one unit without having to uncouple the valve in use.

Technical Specifications

Pmax = 10bar

Areas of application
ZF  (-10°C, +60°C)  cold zones, up to room temperature 
ZC (-10°C, +100°C) hot zones
HT (-10°C, +100°C) high temperature zone Tmax=100°C zone and subject to direct heat radiation and/or pronounced corrosion

The KYOTOTECH valves are divided into two main models as a function of the shape of the valve's body:

Model in which the discharge of the cannon is placed at a 90° with respect to coupling with the tank
Model in which the discharge of the cannon is in axis with the tank

N.B. For remote operation further than 9 metres use the LOGOS multi-function valve

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