Optimizing operational safety: stop with random shoots
Remote firing command (over 30 metres)
For safe, clean, functional, easy to manage and maintain systems
Essential for centralized management
Fundamental for improving efficiency and effectiveness
Compatible with the vast majority of air cannons

Classic problems:

  • Electrical boxes and solenoid valves installed close to heat sources, as is often the case with preheating towers, dryers, etc., present operational difficulties due both to the incorrect functioning of the solenoid valves and due to the difficulty of access during maintenance operations.
  • As a result of these interruptions in connection, for example an accidental disconnection of the feeding tube, the cannon fires freely without having received a command: potentially dangerous situations that must absolutely be avoided for safety reasons.
  • For the sake of the safety of personnel working in the plant, or during maintenance operations near the cannons, it is necessary to shut-off some of the areas subject to these actions.

The solution: LOGOS multifunction valve

In order to reduce the above mentioned drawbacks, Barra Project International Srl has developed the LOGOS multifunction valve, pneumatic valves for the remote management of the firing points.

With the introduction of LOGOS it is possible to group the cannon control valves inside an electrical box at a safe distance in an environment suitable to their operation. In this way it is possible to implement centralized management of the system and ensure greater safety for the operators in the area.

Remote firing introduces load losses which, in the case of lengths greater than 9÷15 metres, dilute considerably the opening time of the main obturator significantly reducing the power of the generated shock-wave and cancelling the effectiveness of the CRONO start device.

LOGOS allows for firing commands at distances greater than 9 metres without suffering load losses.

The combination of LOGOS valves with CRONO start valves is adopted in almost all cannon systems and /PPI Pick-Power-Impulser systems.

Thanks to the /LOGOS multifunction valve

  • the load drop from the cannons to the control points is virtually nil
  • breakage or accidental removal of any pneumatic duct does not cause the accidental firing of the cannon thus protecting the safety of the system and of those operating in the area
  • you can drain the tanks directly from the electrical control box without ever having to fire the shot
  • it is possible to operate the /KYOTO partializing valve coupled to the cannon and enable its energy saving functions and/or control the power delivered
  • can be positioned in areas suitable for E/V control switchboards
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