Industrial dust problem?

A simple answer: /ECOFOG plant

Dust suppression througth adjustable fog flow


Making the workplace healthier and safer
Reduced installation and maitenance costs;
Easy to manage and maintain
Dusts are recovered and newly inserted in the production cycle without further treatements

The attention paid by Barra Project International Srl to the various issues concerning the handling of bulk materials has allowed us to develop a technology capable of dealing, with great success, with the problem of dust emitted in the atmosphere: the /ECOFOG® sprinkler systems.

Dust suppression by capturing airborne particles generated by handling/processing/mining/transportation of industrial equipment.

Most of the dust produced by industrial processes are injurious to health: a lack of attention for th environment can seriously affect human well-being. It is therefore necessary to prevent diffusion of these contaminants into the atmosphere, eliminating them to the origin through the use of capture systems located where the formation of dust occurs. 

Generally work areas that require dust suppression include

  • conveyor belt transfer stations,

  • mass discharges of bulk materials,

  • crushing plants,

  • sifting plants,

  • extraction plants,

  • transfer systems,

  • etc.

To achieve this effective and inexpensive goal a specific technology compatible with the environmental reality in which these systems have to operate is required. Concerning in particular:

  • quarries, mines

  • crushing and sifting stations,

  • extraction, transportation, storage, mixing, composting of bulk materials,

  • municipal waste management,

  • steel mills, foundries, refineries

  • cement

  • wood industry

  • port areas

  • etc.

In these environments it is essential to be able to count on the reliability and management operation ease of the system used, which must take into account the risk of covering the machine parts and its surrounding areas with material and sludge. 

This is where the /ECOFOG® system comes into play.

In the majority of the processing cycles the treated materials are dry: the addition of water in order to limit the emission of dust leads to extra production costs requiring an additional consumption of energy for a subsequent drying of the materials. Besides the economic implication, high energy consumptions cause environmental damage.

The /ECOFOG® technology allows the elimination of both the need for subsequent drying of the material, and the obstacles and problems due to the need for subsequent disposal of dust collected using traditional filter systems.

Basically,the /ECOFOG® systems play their part by spreading, in a special expansion chambers (where the dedusting is performed), a continuous flow of mist generated by the meeting of two fluids, air and water, at low pressure, managed by our /AIRox® nebulizers. The mist generated is composed of a myriad of micronized droplets that come in contact with the dust in such a way that the latter, became wet and heavy, will fall back on the material that generated it by binding to it in a cohesive manner, without actually getting wet (the contribution of H2O is infinitesimal) and without need for subsequent treatments.

The /ECOFOG® system achieves the goal of containing dust using a truly negligible quantity of water in relation to the achievable result, we are talking about 20-30 L/h for a significant dust emission point.

The /ECOFOG® system: take the fog where needed

Nebulizers, in both /AIRox® IMPACT and /AIRox® GRC versions, are easily adaptable to different areas of application since they are compatible with different mounting systems:

  • mounting brackets which considerably facilitate ordinary maintenance operations

  • caps: attachable to structures close to dust emission points allow to direct the fog according to the areas needs and facilitate the maintenance operations

  • /FOGHER modules

  • /DANCERFOG system

Air, water and adjustment processing panels make the /ECOFOG® systems functional and simple to manage.

Rilsan tubes connect, using special distributors, the supply networks of the two fluids at low pressure (0.1÷1 bar for water, 1÷2.5 bar for air), with the nebulizers.

The local control unit can be either manual with local activation, or electric and can be remotely activated. 

Specific electrical management panels integrate and improve the /ECOFOG® system.

The /ECOFOG® systems provided by Barra Project International Srl are complete in every component: from nebulizers to mounting systems, from regulators to management panels, from distribution to detection systems, etc.



  • healthier work environment

  • reduction of dust and micro dust inhalation

  • respect for the environment

  • high degree of system customization

  • extreme versatility

  • no impact on the production cycle

  • ease of assembly and maintenance

  • minimal maintenance, quick and economical

  • ease of management

  • low water and energy consumption

  • low cost


Hard handling of particulate materials?
Moisten it with /ECOFOG!

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Reduce it with our /RASKIA belt cleaners!

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