Concrete solutions for problems related to processing, storage, extraction and bulk material handling

With experience gained in over 30 years of field work and having a flexible structure, Barra Project International Srl is able to address and solve the various problems that exist in the world of processing bulk solid materials, with efficiency and effectiveness.

The constant investment in R&D now allows Barra Project International Srl to provide the market with technologically advanced solutions that are compatible with every installation requirement, thus allowing us to assist our clients in the various stages of handling bulk solid materials: processing, transportation, treatment, storage, extraction and fluidization.

Our systems are easily adaptable to yours, continually increasing the values of efficiency, effectiveness and cost management

Our interventions are tailored to your specific needs: thanks to its wide range of products available, Barra Project International Srl is able to provide the appropriate technological solution to your specific problem, thus optimizing the management of your operation as well as your costs.

The extreme versatility of Our installations makes them adaptable to any plant structure and can be expanded over time.

The main concept of our products is modularity: all our products are able to adapt to the technological improvements we introduce over the years thanks to our commitment in the R&D field, thus removing the risk of obsolescence.

The focus of Barra Project International Srl is mainly directed to four areas:

Our goals:
ensure the smooth running of production facilities
protect workers' health and safety
promote respect for the environment

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