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Research, creativity, innovation, made in Italy

"An answer is always part of the road that is behind you. Only questions point to the future."
cit. Hello? Is Anybody There?, Jostein Gaarder
These few lines summarize the way of being and operating of Barra Project International Srl, tirelessly engaged for over 40 years in the continuous search for increasingly high-performance technological solutions in the world of handling solid bulk materials of various sizes, granular or pulverulent, organic or inorganic.

We are like our LOGO

The circle is the basis of the corporate philosophy of Barra Project International. Symbol of totality and completeness, it is an index of proactive dynamism, continuous evolution and balance. All strengthened by its foundations: values and competence

One product, a thousand lives...
because our product is never just a product

Thanks to the experience gained on site, an agile and flexible structure, a close-knit team and skilled collaborators, Barra Project has developed products with a high technological content and a high degree of customization.

The modular structure that characterizes our products allows their applicability over time in different contexts thanks to interchangeable components.

The most innovative solutions are designed to be integrated with our products already existing on the market with the aim of limiting the risk of product obsolescence and guaranteeing a product that is always technologically updated.

Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I...
I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

Our brands synonymous of efficiency:

the world of compressed air cannons
the world of compressed air cannons
industrial dust suppression using water micronization
industrial dust suppression using water micronization
Conveyor belt cleaners
Conveyor belt cleaners

Our services synonymous of experience:

Vibratory Stress Relief Treatment
Stress relief treatment by means of mechanical vibrations
Material UHPC
Wearing lining
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Tel: +39 035270820
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Barra Project International S.r.l.
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Tel: +39 035270820
Fax: +39 035270830
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