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in the case of large areas covering, both multi-nebulizer fixed systems and mobile artificial fog diffusion systems are available.


Simplified fixed module for the installation of more nozzle in the same fog production place. This module structure simplifies a lot the installation time and efforts, reducing the pipe connections.

Pneumatic or electro-pneumatic rotating system with multiple nebulizers: it allows the diffusion of artificial fog over a large area from a single production place. Excellent solution in case of need for fog distribution in non-confinable areas.

Simple and compact, the DANCERFOG rotating module is powered using the same compressed air of the nebulization system.

DANCERFOG installations are completed by:

Pneumatic or electro-hydro-pneumatic local boxes for power supply and rotation regulation. (box equipped with antifreeze system for emptying water circuits are also available).

The local control units can be either manual (local activation) or electric (remotely operated).

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