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Barra Project is sponsor of Atletica Bergamo '59


Barra Project is sponsor of Atletica Bergamo '59

For 2023 Barra Project International Srl is sponsor of Atletica Bergamo '59


Atletica Bergamo was born on 9th February 1959 in the meeting room of the provincial headquarters of Coni, where a group of enthusiasts laid the first stone of what in a few years will become the main point of reference for Bergamo athletics. [...] First coach is Leonardo Leonardi, then joined by Francesco Russo. [...] In the first season of life there are already some prominent names on the regional scene, such as the sprinters Carlo Bonacina, Carlo Belloli, Ajmone Testa, Natale De Ponti and Giuseppe Covelli, the 15th century athletes Giancarlo Gnecchi and Valerio Marabini, the high jumpers Alberto Dettin and Mario Rossatti, the pole vaulter Roberto Carrara.

[...] In the Bergamo championships, the boys conquered seven titles [...] At the end of the season, in the brochure celebrating the first nine months of life, the president Giuseppe Tombini wrote: "If it is true that unexpected goals have been reached, we must not forget that much remains to be done. It is necessary that this beloved athletics of ours be practiced by an increasing number of young people and followed with interest by all those who see a healthy life and purity of spirit in sport".


Having had the opportunity to get in touch with Atletica Bergamo '59 and having become attached to the Passion, Tenacity and Sacrifice of young athletes and those who dedicate themselves body and soul to giving them the opportunity to go further and make a difference; Barra Project wanted to become part of this project by joining the consortium of sponsors.


Video message of the Holy Father on the occasion of the opening of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, 12/06/2014

“Sport is not only a form of entertainment, but also a tool for communicating values that promote the good of the human person and contribute to the construction of a more peaceful and fraternal society.” Pope Francesco


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