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Clogged stored structure, industrial dusts, dirty conveyor belts…3 problems, just 1 solution!


Clogged stored structure, industrial dusts, dirty conveyor belts…3 problems, just 1 solution!

Support technologies to make your production plant more efficient

Barra Project International Srl has been producing smart and high-tech solutions for over 40 years to address the problems related to the management of solid bulk, granular and/or powdery, organic and/or inorganic material in the various stages of the production cycle.


Making storage facilities efficient and preserving the good quality of the stored product

The range of products dedicated to this purpose are AIRFLASH® compressed air cannons. By generating shock waves that are released instantly, AIRFLASH® cannons move and keep the stored material fluidized, preventing the formation of bridges and rat-holes that reduce the storage capacity of silos and hoppers to the point of compromising.

AIRFLASH® cannons carry out a preventive action against the formation of clogging with the aim of

  • avoid slowdowns and production stops due to lack of material in the production chain
  • prevent sedimentation of material on filters, probes and tube junction ,
  • avoid the formation of dead zones, eliminating the risk of deterioration and aging of the stored material
  • favor a first-in first-out operating logic
  • avoid dangerous direct manual interventions to release clogged storage structures


Contain the level of dust emission during the material handling-processing-storage cycles

ECOFOG® represents the macro-category of Barra Project International Srl products dedicated to the abatement of industrial dusts. ECOFOG® technology is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Reduce energy consumption: the micronization of water takes place at low pressure (2-3bar air; 0.2-0.5Bar water) and with an infinitesimal consumption of water. The material is not wet and therefore does not require subsequent drying treatments.
  2. Produce artificial fog at the actual dust emission locations. This allows to contain the dust in the emission area, limiting its diffusion in the environment and to drastically lower the level of dust generation during the handling and processing phases of the material. ECOFOG® therefore proves to be a valid ally also for the management of highly volatile materials.
  3. Avoid material waste. The capturing action carried out by ECOFOG® causes the dust particles captured by the artificial fog to fall back on the material that generated them: the dust binds again to the material and effectively re-enters the production cycle.

In addition to the production of artificial fog, ECOFOG® is suitable for the micronization of additives and for the diffusion of anti-odorants in environments.


Remove encrustations of material from the conveyor belts

Last but not least in the list of problems related to the management of bulk solid material is the packing of material on the conveyor belts. The RASKIA® range of cleaners favors the easy removal of material residues from the belt: the scraping blades with modular sectors ensure continuous adherence to the belt even in case of wear and unevenness of the belt. The automatic pre-tensioning systems, the interchangeable modular blades and the reduced dimensions that characterize the RASKIA® cleaners make it easy to install and economical to maintain.

3 problems… 1 solution, all Made in Italy: Barra Project International Srl.

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