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SOLIDS Parma ITALIA - For the first time here in ITALY a fair that fits us perfectly!


SOLIDS Parma ITALIA - For the first time here in ITALY a fair that fits us perfectly!



Let's talk about SOLIDS, a professional fair dedicated to technologies for the management, handling and analysis of granular materials of various sizes, powders and bulk solids in general.

Already known in Antwerp, Krakow, Dortmund and Rotterdam, SOLIDS finally arrives in ITALY, Parma, on 14-15 June 2023.

Two days to have the opportunity to introduce you to Barra Project International Srl technologies, products BORN to provide the essential support to ensure production continuity and safe work for operators and machinery.

What will we bring to SOLIDS?

AIRFLASH® air cannons essential for

  • Maintain the optimal level of fluidification of materials stored in silos and hoppers even for long periods of time
  • Eliminate bridging phenomena (bridge formation) and rat-holing (rat holes) inside the storage structures
  • Maintain a good level of fluidization of the stored material by avoiding the formation of dead zones (stagnation zones of materials; a strong issue especially in case of perishable materials)
  • Promote first-in first-out management of the material
  • Implement a cleaning action on the internal surfaces of the storage structures, allowing the transit of different materials in the production chain, limiting the risk of contamination

But AIRFLASH® is not only this!

  • The AIRFLASH range for high temperature applications has been designed to eliminate and prevent material encrustations in hot gas ducts and in the presence of hot dust (typical applications of our HT products are concrete preheating towers and heat exchangers, where AIRFLASH® preserves the efficiency by keeping the heat exchange surfaces clean)


ECOFOG® dust abatement systems by micronizing water at low pressures.

Easy and quick to install, ECOFOG® changes the way of working in the processing, management, handling, storage and transport of powdery granular material. By producing artificial fog by micronizing air and water at low pressures, ECOFOG® captures the dust particles generated by the material, preventing their dispersion in the environment. The dust particles falls back on the material that generated them. In this way the dusts are reintroduced into the production cycle without waste (the exact opposite of dust management through filtration).

Why is ECOFOG® so interesting?

  • Ready-to-go systems completed by all its installation accessories
  • Low energy and water consumption technology
  • Not only improves productivity, but create a "dust-free" working environment where operators can work in a healthier and safer environment

RASKIA® belt cleaners.

To close the circle of products dedicated to the management of bulk solid granular materials, our cleaners for conveyor belts could not be missing. RASKIA® consists of a wide range of scraper blades to better adapt to the different packing levels of the materials to be removed.

What makes RASKIA® different from other cleaners?

  • Reduced installation dimensions
  • Shaped and modular blades capable of guaranteeing continued adherence to the carpet even in the presence of belt discrepancies
  • Longevity


Don't miss the opportunity to get to know us and our products live!



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