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PPI PLANTS Pick-Power-Impulser


Innovative conception of air cannon system: PPI eliminates the traditional cannon tanks by replacing them with a single accumulation pipe that connects all the installed firing valves.



  • volume of compressed air that can be stored is much higher than the volume that a single tank can
  • to make available at each single firing point the maximum power that is supplied by the entire storage network
  • to reduce overall installation dimensions (there are no tanks), thus making fluidification systems feasible even in tight and confined spaces
  • high adaptability to existing structures
The secret ingredients of PPI?

The secret ingredients of PPI?

The KYOTO partializing device that allows you to calibrate the energy discharged from each single firing point according to the specific needs of the area.

The AIRFLASH DOUBLE ZERO (00) variant valves designed to be integrated into the tank-pipe of the PPI network. A peculiar feature of the DOUBLE ZERO models is the ease of maintenance: the bodies must NOT be disassembled from the PPI network for ordinary maintenance.

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