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air cannon plants

the suitable solution for each productive plant


air cannon plants


  • Independent single firing points
  • Easy installation
  • Different firing dimensions and tanks volumes
  • Wide product range for all the applications
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PPI Pick Power Impulser plants

air cannon plants

PPI Pick Power Impulser plants

  • The air compressed tanks are replaced by a unique storage pipe that links together all the firing valves
  • Specifically designed for silo batches and for application in tight and confined spaces
  • Much higher air volume that can be used by a single valve and the power can be calibrated during the firing thanks to KYOTO device
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air cannon plants


  • For the simultaneous firing of small air cannons (volumes range from 0,5 to 15 lt)
  • Specific for application on small and medium silos/hoppers/load cells
  • The firing activation can be managed completely pneumatic, without using any electrical device
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Productivity, efficiency and safety

for your production plant


  • It guarantees the efficiency of the storage structures and dust ducts, preventing the formation of encrustations and occlusions
  • It guarantees the continuous and regular flow of material in the production chain, eliminating and preventing the formation of blockages, encrustations, accumulations, bridges and rat-holes that hinder the transit of material
  • Protects the operators safety: AIRFLASH has a preventive action on the formation of clogging and eliminates the need for maintenance to manually unblock the occlusions
  • It reduces unscheduled downtime
  • It fluidifies and periodically moves the stored material, helping the continuous material replacement in a first-in first-out logic
  • Limits the risk of deterioration for organic materials by eliminating "dead zones" in which the material stagnates (fundamental function in the management of organic material)
  • It performs a cleaning action that reduces the risk of contamination between different materials passing one after the other

It can be applied on materials with different nature and grain size, from organic to inorganic, from material with medium and large grain size to material with fine and/or powdery grain size.

Personalized solutions

Engineering, project, assistance

Barra Project International Srl works with the aim of achieving the best feasible solution for the specific plant situation.

For this purpose, our intervention is structured as follows:

  • On-site inspection, if necessary, to identify the critical points of the plant on which it is necessary to intervene
  • Identification of the most suitable type of AIRFLASH® plant for the specific application, optimizing the investment cost
  • Study and design of the AIRFLASH plant layout
  • Supervision during the installation phase, if requested
  • Training of operators assigned to use and maintenance of the AIRFLASH plant
  • Post installation assistance
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