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Airflash air cannon plant

The AIRFLASH compressed air cannon is an energy accumulator consisting of a firing valve with instantaneous discharge and an accumulation tank for compressed air (Pmax = 10Bar). The AIRFLASH cannon generates a shock wave that is instantly released inside the clogged storage structure (silos, hoppers, load cells, etc.), breaking up bridges (bridging phenomenon), compaction and encrustations (rat- holing) and thus restoring the natural fluidity of the material to be extracted.

The shock wave has a direct action on the compacted material and does not cause negative stresses on the storage structures (vibrations), thus extending their useful life.

The advantage over vibration systems

The advantage over vibration systems

  • Direct action on the material without making the storage structures vibrate: this means that AIRFLASH® does not causes the structures fatigue stresses, thus extending their useful life; vibrated systems, on the other hand, can cause structural damage;
  • It has a fluidifying action on the material; vibrated systems, on the other hand, can contribute to the compaction of materials, especially with fine grain materials, worsening the blocking conditions of the silo;
  • Reduction of noise pollution, eliminating vibrations and reducing noise thanks to specific silencing measures, AIRFLASH® can also be applied near residential areas.

Not only storage facilities ... but also hot temperature applications!

Typical applications of AIRFLASH are cement preheating towers and heat exchangers for

Activation management of the AIRFLASH plant

According to the application characteristics, the air cannon can be activated by

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