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Firing trigger device for AIRFLASH® cannons that allows the activation of the cannon up to a maximum distance of 9 meters between the solenoid valve and the air cannon.

CRONO performs two fundamental functions: it speeds up the opening/closing movement of the obturator of the firing valve, allowing the air cannon to deliver maximum power; minimizes the pressure drops between the input signal of activation due to the removal of the control solenoid valve from the cannon (max distance 9m). Activation via remote control is the solution adopted in almost all cannon plants: grouping all the solenoid valves in control panels is in fact essential for centralized management of the systems and allows the creation of safe, efficient, tidy and easy-to-manage systems.

Areas of application
ZF [-10°C;+60°C] room temperature areas
ZC [-10°C;+100°C] high temperature areas
HT [-10C;+100°C] high temperature areas Tmax=100°C subject to phenomena of direct thermal radiation and/or strong corrosion
HTP [-10C;+100°C] high temperature areas subject to high dust: working areas with Tmax=100°C, subject to direct thermal radiation, high corrosion and high environmental dust.

Independent firing trigger device with cup obturator with reinforced metal core (NBR obturator for ZF and ZC areas, in VITON for HT and HTP areas).

CRONO firing device integrated into the valve characterized by the floating diaphragm NBR obturator FOM (patented).

Mini-firing trigger device independent for reducing the pressure drop in STORM plant. The SR6 valve is equipped with the pressure availability signal.

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Auxiliary valves
ZF [-10°C;+60°C]
ZC [-10°C;+100°C]
HT [-10C;+100°C]
HTP [-10C;+100°C]